39. Serving Hands Reflect Helping Hearts

Artist: Kim Fitzekam-Szelag

Benefactor: Nonprofit Shared Services
Location: 700 R St.

The artist’s vision and inspiration is to enable a person to see himself reflected in this work as having a generous, open heart and able to give as much of himself as possible to help his community.  People will be able to see themselves reflected from every side of the piece.  On the front of the piece, in the palms of the hands, they will also be able to see a heart (above, below, peripherally, etc.)


The inspiration for the mosaic mirrors covering the piece is about reflection; reflection of our community, reflection of self when viewing the piece and seeing one’s own potential, reflection of the size of our own hearts and our ability to give.  The reflective possibilities are endless.


The inspiration for the fused hearts is all about giving – with heart.  The use of five hearts is to acknowledge 50 years, one per decade, of Campus Life.  The various sizes could have different interpretations also, depending on one’s own perspective.  In addition, the fused hearts are symbolic of the continued growth of Campus Life as well as our community.  Artistically, the fused hearts add depth and dimension to the piece, allowing the eye some relief and perspective.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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