7. My Child, I Give You the Moon

Artist: Ian Anthony Laing

Benefactor: Warren Distribution
Location: 6100 O St. (Gateway Mall)

“Goodnight Moon” was one of my favorite books to read to my daughters when they were little.  I believe every Dad wants to give their children the moon.  This opportunity is providing me a way to do that.  My legacy!

Glowing stars on the hands will be charged by the sun or interior lighting that will glow at night or when street lights are turned off.  The color of the hands is to be determined after I see the piece coming together, but I’m leaning towards a satin black right now.

My excitement is with the moon.  This will be a 4 or 5 foot in diameter injection molded sphere.  It will be hand painted with acrylic paint to reproduce the texture of the moon’s surface.  Part of the coating will be “glow in the dark” paint.  My vision is that one side of the moon will be a full moon;  its reverse side will look like an eclipse, and the views from each side will be a waxing or waning moon.  A trip around the sculpture will be much like the moon traveling around the Earth, allowing you to see all phases of the moon.

I look forward to bringing this piece to life for you!

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