6. Oliver's Bowl

Artist: Ian Anthony Laing

Benefactor: Warren Distribution
Location: 2121 N 27th St. (Matt Talbot Community Kitchen & Outreach Center)

One of my all-time favorite movies is Oliver Twist.  We are faced with child hunger in our country and this image of Oliver’s bowl keeps coming back to me.  In the scene in the movie when Oliver makes his way for more soup, he stands facing those in charge, takes a deep breath and says, “Please sir, I want more,” but he is chased away.

There are people nowadays being chased away too, much like Oliver.  When I saw the bowl on the old-looking hands, it really changed what I was thinking in regard to this piece.  I was forced to look at it differently.  This design is created for all people who have hunger--for the children, the homeless and seniors.

The hands will be painted with a flesh-colored acrylic paint.  My vision is to accentuate the features in the hands to have them look like a pair of weathered hands.  The wrists will have sleeves to keep the dignity of the piece.  This is a way to show that hunger crosses over all people.  The bowl will be made of metal and painted to look like a ceramic bowl.  There is no significance to the color of the bowl.  It will have a custom metal spoon and the bowl will be empty.  This is the sadness of the piece! I look forward to creating this design so it can become a visual way to continue the discussion about hunger in our city, nation and the world.

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