67. Every Nation

Artist: Lindsay Reger and Sara Walters

Benefactor: Sponsor Name
Location: TBD

The act of serving is not limited to our homes or even the cities where we reside, rather, serving is a common human movement shared by people throughout the global community. People in cities and countries around the world serve every day. This service encompasses countless different actions: serving food, serving in the military, serving at church, serving children, the list goes on and on. Where a need is being met, serving is occurring, and it is hoped that people continually look to serve within their local communities.


To this end, we have included the word “serve” in different languages to highlight that serving occurs in a variety of ways, across a myriad of cultural boundaries, every day. People from diverse backgrounds will hopefully see the word “serve” in their own language and be reminded of their commitment, as a part of the human race, to serve others. Additionally, this will hopefully act as a reminder to those who see it that our serving hands are needed by people from a variety of backgrounds in our local community.

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