59. One Heart Reaches Many

Artist: Rosalia Roger

Benefactor: Sponsor Name
Location: TBD

This design was inspired by the countless number of volunteers who devote their time to inspiring young people. One pair of hands can reach many through the passion, love and hard work dedicated by a dedicated volunteer who chooses to give to others.  Volunteering for me comes in many forms:  troop leader, scoutmaster, coach, mentor, parent volunteer and many more. 

There are countless ways of giving and the experience of volunteering is such a positive outreach! When one person shares of themselves, others are able to gain understanding and pass on what they have learned.  This is essential in helping the young to grow into independent people who have a strong foundation. 

As a mother of five who also volunteers in various organizations, I know first-hand the importance of giving of myself and how, with guidance, a child’s life can change in a positive direction and grow they may grow into an amazing adult. 

Each of the handprints on my sculpture will be from children within the organizations for which I personally volunteer.  It will exemplify how one individual truly does have the gift of reaching many.  It is also a way to express “Thanks” to volunteers and to help inspire others to volunteer, as it will certainly have a most positive impact in our community and the world. 

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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