83. It's Husker Time

Artist: Patrick Gauthier

Benefactor: Sponsor Name
Location: TBD

Nice watch!  Can you please tell me what time it is?  It’s Husker Time!


An oversized hand sculpture holding a custom traditional-looking or black watch is sure to remind you to keep track of the time because a Husker game might be coming soon.  


This fun, Husker-colored watch will be made as a custom weatherproof oversized watch with custom faces painted on the surfaces.  The themes can vary from a traditional scene to a Blackshirt and crossbones theme.  The entire watch will be custom painted and 3-dimensional.  


This will make a wonderful sculpture because viewers will look to see what time it is, only to be reminded It’s Husker Time ~ GO BIG RED!

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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