27. Catch a Falling Star

Artist: Jessica Olsen

Patron: Chris and Tom Schleich
Location: 5511 S. 27th St. Lincoln

I am fascinated with light and using it in unconventional ways.  When I learned about the Serving Hands design competition my mind was flooded with interesting ways I could incorporate light as a part of the Hands sculpture.

Design Process:  I will paint the sculpture with white gold in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Campus Life which has been positively impacting teens in and around the Lincoln area.  A 20” wire sphere, with fiberoptic lights throughout, will be mounted within the Hands.  The sphere is symbolic of the support and many opportunities Campus Life offers teens to see the light and remain positive, no matter how bleak life seems to be at the moment.

NOTE:  I have presented my proposal in AutoCad to give the viewer a photo-realistic image of my design idea.

This installation will require an electrical outlet.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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