25. Monarch Butterfly - Metamorphosis of Life

Artist: Darlene Jansen

Benefactor: Bob and Jan Fitzsimmons
Location: 3600 O St. (Wyuka Cemetery)

My inspiration for Monarch Butterfly – Metamorphosis of Life represents the  Campus Life organization’s mentorship giving teenagers guidance to spread their wings like the butterfly as they evolve into maturity and to help lift their confidence. The monarch and wild sunflowers reflect the opportunity the organization gives to teenagers for experiencing nature’s beautiful calm environment and the support of healthy relationships.  Colors depicted within the serving hands ~  the blue represents  “sky is the limit,” the yellow represents  “warm mentoring” and the green represents “help in building a solid foundation for life.”  Included in the greenery is the acknowledgment of Celebrating 50 years of service.


DESIGN NOTE:  The "Monarch Butterfly" would be an added three-dimensional element within the hands incorporating the same materials utilized in the sculpture’s initial manufacturing process.

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