46. Making Connections

Artist: Sue Kalicki

Benefactor: Sponsor Name
Location: TBD

This design is based upon beads strung together, representing the connections we make in our lives.  As we meet new people and have new experiences, our lives become richer and more fulfilled.  

We meet somebody new, we add a bead to the string of our lives.  We visit a new place, we add a bead.  We learn something, we add a bead.  They begin to intersect as we continue to grow.  One connection might lead us to another that we hadn’t expected. The beads we have added become a part of us, and we can keep adding them as long as we choose. 

All the colors of the spectrum have been used in this design to represent the diversity of our experiences.  Beads and string will be painted to appear 3-dimensional. 

Creative Process:  The sculpture will be painted in acrylic; exact colors/placement of beads may vary. The design will wrap around front and back of sculpture. 

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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