45. Tying it All Together

Artist: Sue Kalicki

Benefactor: Sponsor Name
Location: TBD

In this design, the hands are enveloped in ribbons of inspirational words - some that apply specifically to Campus Life’s mission but most that can apply to our everyday lives.  Like the ribbons that surround the hands, we strive to surround ourselves with qualities and aspects that can help to make us better people. Some of these we “wrap” around ourselves; some are added by the important people in our lives. 

The hands themselves are painted a warm gray to represent clay - as we mold clay, it comes to life in an artwork; as we mold ourselves, or as others help mold us, we come to life as we continue to develop into who we are.  

Creative Process:  The design will be painted with acrylics; colors of ribbon and exact placement of words are subject to variation at the artist’s discretion. The painted ribbons will continue all the way around the sculpture, front and back.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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