43. Not Yo Momma's Coloring Book

Artist: Rachael Saniuk

Benefactor: Sponsor Name
Location: TBD

Adult coloring books are said to reduce stress, create moments of zen, and happen to be all the rage these days.  In light of its popularity, the original idea for this piece comes straight from the doodles in the margins of my high school math class notes.  The many combinations of shapes, colors, sizes, and texture all come together in this piece.  This allows for endless hours of entertainment until the school bell rings and it’s time to go home.  This piece will take you places you never imagined, creating the foundation for fun, freedom, and creativity.


There is an option with this piece to do either (1) black and white only with acrylic paint, or (2) color with acrylic paint. 

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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