21. Stronger Together

Artist: Allie Laing and Alex Rapp

Benefactor: Nebraska First Lady Susanne Shore and Governor Pete Ricketts
Location: 1425 H St.

Nebraska is where some of the most hardworking, passionate, and creative people live.  It’s home to various cultures, peoples of different backgrounds, and tight knit communities who care about one another.  In today’s society, there’s power in numbers.  When we support each others dreams we can accomplish more tan we thought possible.  


This piece was inspired by living in a world that focuses on acceptance.  We are stronger together.  Every day we’re seeing a positive shift in society to have a borderless identity where gender, sexuality, or culture doesn’t keep us from being a united community.  No matter where you come from, no matter what your background, and no matter your passions, lending a helping hand and routing for one another can only spur us forward.  Through bright colors intertwining shapes, we hope this sculpture will bring light in to our community and empower those who come across it. 


This design will be painted on the front and back with acrylic paint and covered in a pearlescent clear coat.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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