23. Beauty in Everything

Artist: Carson Gose

Benefactor: Sponsor Name
Location: TBD

It took me 25 years to believe in my heart that I was a beautiful person. Something society engrains on you is what the ideal form of beauty is. As a child and young adult I didn’t have the art I’ve surrounded myself with now to interrupt that standard. All I had was magazines and TV that showed the same type of woman over and over again. My original characters, which you see on this proposal, are meant to show that even the weirdest of things can be beautiful. As I started to realize that beauty wasn’t something to see, but something you feel, these characters started manifesting. Among my gang of weird (but beautiful) characters I created for this sculpture is the word “I am” and synonyms of the word “beautiful”. If one girl walks past this sculpture and thinks, “well if that’s beautiful, then I must be too”, then I’ve met my goal. I added in some quirky details with the rings on the fingers and bright red nail polish. It’s bright, it’s bold, and it’s beautiful.

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