10. Nurture and Protection

Artist: Liz Shea

Sculptor: David Manzanares

Benefactor: Bettenhausen Family Foundation
Location: 3140 S 33rd St.

A mother bird with her baby birds will always have an important and meaningful place in my heart.  Nurture is a synonym of nourish and I have tried to emulate the mother bird’s fierce protective and nurturing skills in the ways I have raised my own children, focusing on safety, leading by example, basic trust and love.


“Good mothers pour care into the souls of their children much like sunlight and water pour nutrients into a plant.  Our souls flourish when we are being nurtured and cared for.  We grow, develop, and change according to the way we were designed…without nurture we wither.”  Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend.

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