8. You Raise Me Up.....Grow 


Artist: Roberta Barnes

Benefactor: LI-COR Biosciences
Location: 9th and Q St. (Lincoln Journal Start)

Hands are the part of the human body capable of expressing care and compassion towards one another.  The act of giving of ourselves to “Raise Up” another individual becomes an action of passing on kindness, caring, and compassion. My design depicts the concepts of “Raising Up” one another and universal kindness.  It also conveys the “glow” we feel as we give to another.

The surface of the hands would be painted black.  I would then build layers of colors that would become more and more luminous, representing the positive or the light we experience when we have given and when another individual has been supported.

I want to depict two images toward the base of the sculpture that represent the state of Nebraska;  first, the use of corn stalks painted at the base symbolizing the growth in Nebraska.  Secondly, I will insert the image of the State Capitol with the sower, symbolic of the idea, “we reap what we sow.”

I have painted the proposal to show the universe.  However, my design might also depict a sunrise which may speak more appropriately to the “GROW.”  These are two choices I would communicate to the sponsor.  I would be willing to move in either direction.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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